We also run lure matches during the winter months. Take a look at our Fixtures to see when these are. Please note – venues may change subject to weather and water conditions.

Contact – Gareth Dewdney 07969 880551 or look for Fenland Lure Fishing Matches on Facebook.


FISH UNTIL 8.30 – 2.30PM

Entry is £20 each (£15 pools and £5 pegging fee)

These are roving matches and you are NOT allocated fixed peg numbers

Fenland Lure Matches

Rules – Amendment 1-2022

Artificial baits only – crank baits , rubber shads , spinner , plugs etc

All fish caught must be returned to the water alive – this is a catch and release match

No live or dead baits – wobbling, or sink and draw, is not allowed, however if you wish to add scent to a lure by dipping it in fish oils this will be allowed.

Only fish caught by “fair mean” to be counted

Fish minimum fish size of 15cm.

Anglers must fish opposite the peg number on the river bank

Anglers must fish in the area specified – this is a roaming match you may fish anywhere within the specified area

Anglers must use suitable tackle for their lure fishing method – e.g. wire traces

Anglers must have suitable landing net , unhooking tools and unhooking mat

Angler must have a valid E.A. rod licence- you may be asked to produce a rod licence by the organiser, local water bailiffs or the EA

Anglers must only fish with one rod at any one time – however an angler may take as many rods on to the river bank with them as they like.

Anglers must land their fish safely and unhook their fish as soon as possible to cause minimal distress to the fish- anglers may help each other in landing and unhooking fish if required

All catches must be recorded on the “catch result sheet” & a photo taken with the tape measure provided in the photo as proof

Measuring fish – Please measure from nose to fork of the tail of the fish & provide a photo – start of the tape should be at the fish’s nose with the “W.A.A.” logo on it.

Match winner / places will be determined by total length of fish and combined catch’s of fish

All anglers to take all rubbish home

Please note that Whittlesey Angling Association rules also apply.

Entry fee will be £20 per Angler- £5 is for pegging fee, £15 is for prize money – total prize money will depend on how many anglers fish the match.

Anglers may fish in one swim for no more than 1hour

Anglers will fish the match as an individual/as a single angler but Anglers must fish the match as a pair or as a group of three.- these pairs will be drawn at random on the day.

– You must fish within 50 metres of each other – that way you’re not on top of each other but not too far away from each other to help each other out.

– If one of the pairs is required to leave the match early before the end the remaining anglers must join another pair.


– Any junior coming to the match with a adult will stay with their adult and will fish as a group of three. Eg father and son will join another angler.

– Any 2 juniors coming to the match will stay together and fish as a group of three , eg the 2 juniors will stay together and an angler will join them as a group of three

– If a single junior is fishing the match they will go grouped with a pair of adults to make a group of three, eg 1 junior and 2 adult anglers

– No junior to fish as a pair with a random adult they must fish as a group of three or with a known adult

When the pair are picked they will have a “lead angler “who will decide where you will fish first / start of the match.

Half way through the match will be up-to the second angler to decide on where to fish.