Ashline Sluice to Floods Ferry

North Western Cut to Bevills Leam

Pondersbridge to Goosetree Corner

Please note:

We now have 7 disabled platforms downstream of Ashline Sluice. Priority is given to disabled anglers. This rule must be adhered to. The Middle Level Commission have banned fishing from the boat staging at Ashline Sluice.

Note: There is no access to the Twenty – Foot River at Angle Corner (Barnes Bridge)


The water depth along Bevills Leam is up to 4ft. The water’s edge bank is flat between pegs 1 and 68 and again between Chapel Bridge and Palmers Farm. The water depth from Ashline Sluice to Floods Ferry is about 4ft, having permanent platform pegs between Angle Bridge and Burnthouse Bridge, No’s (180 to 50).

The water depth between Barnes Bridge and Goosetree Corner is from 6ft and 12ft, with 50 permanent pegs situated between Poplar Tree Bridge and Beggars Bridge. There are also permanent pegs, No’s 212 to 244 near Holloways’ Pump. There are 12 permanent pegs below Holloways Bridge, and another 13 at Goosetree Corner.

NOTE: There is no access to the Twenty-Foot River from Barnes Bridge.

The water flows naturally from Ashline Sluice and Pondersbridge towards Goosetree Corner and Floods Ferry. The flow may alter due to land irrigation and pumping activity, and may cease altogether or even back-up. Much of the water is at the roadside, with peg-side parking along stretches of Bevills Leam, Cock Bank and along the Twenty-Foot drain.

Please Note: No members to organise matches or sweepstakes without official permission.

Booking Officer – Robert Marshall

No cars to be taken on river banks and no tents to be erected.

It is essential to make your fishing point opposite permanent pegs. No digging in other places.

Officers of W.A.A. will require anglers to move if this rule is ignored and refusal may result in the offender being banned.

Anglers finding evidence of pollution of any description please phone the E.A. Hotline.

You can phone the Environment Agency using the button below to report any of the following, Illegal Fishing, Fish Theft, Illegal Fish Stocking & Environmental Crimes or you can contact Crimestoppers using the button below or via